Cruising Costa Rica

Pura vida! Costa Rica’s slogan for promoting tourism. Literally translated ‘pure life’, but meaning something like ‘enjoy life’. Almost every tourist promotion outing about Costa Rica uses this phrase, so surely this a ‘touristisized’ use of this term I figured. But I noticed the locals utterings these words all the time; as a greeting, a…

The multifaceted beauty of Iceland

Iceland in march was an incredible diverse experience. From sitting in a hot spring with our gin tonics until 04:00 am watching the Northern Lights, to crazy snow storms, freezing our asses off, sunbathing in our t-shirt, getting soaking wet from thunderous waterfalls, spending 3 hours getting seasick on a boat for Killer Whales only to spot a few gulls, spending all our money on crazy expensive beers and ending up in a queer bar in Reykjavik to spotting humpback whales from the cliffs.