Short documentary (Dutch) about my visit in Mosul to observe how people pick up their life after the destruction from the fights to liberate Mosul from IS. 
The plight of the Yezidis
Documentary about the situation of the Yezidi's in Iraq.
(English subs)

Impression of Iraqi Kurdistan

Short impression of footage shot in Iraqi Kurdistan. Full length videos are following soon!
Where hills become mountains
Trailer for upcoming documentary about a tiny community in the remote Pamir mountains of Tajikistan, who I spoke on topics such as what happiness means and what gives purpose to life.
Social circus in a warzone 

Recently I founded my own foundation to support the work of a NGO in Afghanistan that I have gotten attached to. The social circus of MMCC  helps children in Afghanistan, who have been growing up for more than 2 generations with nothing but war, to find joy again. To feel empowerment, facilitate social skills and capacity building and heal war trauma's. Learn more about my foundation  and see the video below that I made upon my first visit to the NGO in Kabul. I organised a lecture in Amsterdam about this  that can be watched back here.
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