Tajikistan is a rather unknown and somewhat enigmatic country. Long isolated due to its location and Soviet rule, and today still ruled by a Soviet era authoritarian, megalomaniac dictator who cares little for its citizens. Together with the tough landscape, extreme climate in the mountainous Pamir and a difficult economy, life is not easy. A first visit in 2018 for a documentary project introduced me to the most famous part of Tajik culture; the incredible hospitality. I formed a special, and perhaps unlikely, friendship with a local villager named Sabir. He invited me in his home, we became good friends and stayed in touch. Last year I returned to visit him and his family in his village. I decided to make a short portrait of Sabir, who I believe represents many of the incredible friendly and heart-warming Tajiks I met.
Impression of Iraqi Kurdistan

Short impression of footage shot in Iraqi Kurdistan. Full length videos are following soon!
The Wodka Diaries 
This is a trailer for a series on social media in the run up to the publication of my book about my project in Central Asia. Short films, stories, photo's, interviews and behind the scenes that are related to the book.

As the wodka was a red thread throughout this journey and the introduction of many of my diary entries, it carries this name. For me, the offering of wodka by locals was to offer your friendship. It meant exchange of cultures. Declining a glass feels like declining their friendship. It was not about the drinking, it stood for making connections. And in those moments that you are sitting together drinking, it doesn't matter anymore that we came from very different cultures. He is not a Tajik and I'm not Dutch. He is not muslim and I'm not an atheïst. We are just 2 regular guys, the same as everybody else.

The series will be posted on this page (Dutch) and here(bilingual).
Where hills become mountains
Trailer for upcoming documentary about a tiny community in the remote Pamir mountains of Tajikistan, who I spoke on topics such as what happiness means and what gives purpose to life.
Social circus in a warzone 

Recently I founded my own foundation to support the work of a NGO in Afghanistan that I have gotten attached to. The social circus of MMCC  helps children in Afghanistan, who have been growing up for more than 2 generations with nothing but war, to find joy again. To feel empowerment, facilitate social skills and capacity building and heal war trauma's. Learn more about my foundation  and see the video below that I made upon my first visit to the NGO in Kabul. I organised a lecture in Amsterdam about this  that can be watched back here.
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