I'm a photographer and journalist from the Netherlands. My stories focus on humanitarian issues, dismantling negative stereotypes, as well as conflict, its aftermath, and its long-term impact on global relations. With my work, I hope to inspire people to recognise parts of themselves in unfamiliar worlds and to relate to the characters of people who at first may seem completely different from them. 

My work on the Yezidi's of Iraq was awarded a 'Tegel' in 2022, the annual Dutch price for exceptional journalism.

My work on Mosul and Afghanistan is represented by the Story Institute. For enquiries please contact: matt@instituteartist.com
After visiting Afghanistan I set up a foundation to support the work of a local NGO. The social circus of MMCC  helps children in Afghanistan, who have been growing up for more than 2 generations with nothing but war, to find joy again. To feel empowerment, facilitate social skills and capacity building and heal war trauma's. Learn more about my foundation  on the website or watch see the video. I organised a lecture in Amsterdam about this  that can be watched back here.

Mini documentary with Canon and Cameranu about my photography (in Dutch)

Vrij weekendmagazine, Noord-Hollands Dagblad, juni 2019
Vrij weekendmagazine, Noord-Hollands Dagblad, juni 2019
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