I'm a photographer, filmmaker and writer who wants to tell authentic, human stories.

I’d rather be in the remote mountains of Tajikistan where the locals seem to possess more wisdom with regard to life's questions. Or learn about the fascinating cultural customs these faraway places have, such as Central Asia’s number one rule; once you open a bottle of vodka, you have to finish it. Finally a custom I can get behind. 
I rather be in the places where you as a foreigner are constantly forced to display your embarrassing dance moves to an curious audience. 

The places where life feels real and authentic. Where all your daily struggles pale in comparison to what some people have to go through. Where people display tremendous amount of resilience in face of adversity.

People from all walks of life and different living conditions sharing their stories, views, opinions and dreams with me feels incredibly rewarding. To find universal values in people and places where you don’t expect it and change people’s views and prejudices about places and cultures is the highest goal.
One of these places is Central Asia, where I initiated my own documentary project by traveling to some of the most unknown, obscure and misunderstood countries in the world: the so called 'Stans'. All of Central-Asia's former Soviet republics and Afghanistan. To shine a different light on these countries. To prove that our prejudices of people, places, religions and cultures we don't know anything about, are often wrong.  A place where I could have authentic and inspiring interactions with locals, a place were strangers are welcomed with immense hospitality. And, most importantly, a place that caused me to drastically increase my tolerance of Vodka.

See more about this project here and here


Mini documentary with Canon and Cameranu about my photography (in Dutch)

Recently I founded my own foundation to support the work of a NGO in Afghanistan that I have gotten attached to. The social circus of MMCC  helps children in Afghanistan, who have been growing up for more than 2 generations with nothing but war, to find joy again. To feel empowerment, facilitate social skills and capacity building and heal war trauma's. Learn more about my foundation  and see the video below that I made upon my first visit to the NGO in Kabul. I organised a lecture in Amsterdam about this  that can be watched back here.

Vrij weekendmagazine, Noord-Hollands Dagblad, juni 2019
Vrij weekendmagazine, Noord-Hollands Dagblad, juni 2019
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