Welcome on my website, I’m Thijs! I’m a travel photographer and have been intrigued by photography for many years. I love how cameras are never fully able to capture what you see, for the human eye can see far more contrast and depth than a camera can represent in a picture. So you have to use all kind of methods in order to convey the atmosphere of the moment instead of just snapping something you see, which for me is the most important and interesting feature of photography. Besides photography I write and make films. With these tools combined I want to tell stories about different cultures and people, stories about hardship and joy, stories about life.


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Tangible remains of one of the most stirring times in history can still be found in Kyrgyzstan, a former Soviet republic. Abandoned uranium plants and mining towns form an eerie reminder of this past.

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The World Nomad Games are held every 2 years in Kyrgyzstan with the aim of preserving nomadic culture and traditions and foster cultural exchange. I aptly renamed it the World Vodka Games after meeting the Munduz tribe. When they invited us to come stay with them in their yurt, a heavily vodka fuelled night ensued, new and meaningful friendships were forged, rustic Dutch dance moves displayed and a hangover for days developed.

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Documentary project

Traveling to some of the most unknown, obscure and misunderstood countries in the world: the so called 'Stans'. All of Central-Asia's former Soviet republics and Afghanistan. To shine a different light on these countries. To prove our prejudices of people, places, religions and cultures we don't know anything about are often wrong. To have authentic and inspiring interactions with locals. And, most importantly, to drink a lot of Vodka.


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If you have any questions, want to collaborate or anything else, please feel free to send me an email!